Custom website design in Austin TX

About October Skies Website Development
"I don't know how we found you but it was the best thing we ever did....your customer service is wonderful..."
Doug Wike, Wee Squeak

We are a small company based in Lockhart, Texas and primarily serving clients in the greater Austin area, although we have clients from all over Texas, various other states and even South Africa. October Skies was created in 1996 with quality service in mind. You'll never see us advertise things like "Cheapest websites ever!". We don't "do" cheap. We specialize in creating a website as unique as your company, and we design a custom website created with your needs in mind. We know it's often the little things that count, like:
  • Looking at your current marketing packages, office letterhead, business cards & general style and designing a website that looks like your business-not just slapping on a premade template for a quick and cheap job.
  • Putting up a test site so you can watch the progress of your site development online and provide feedback to us.
  • Encouraging direct, personal contact-you will get an answer to your questions within one business day.
  • Listening to your vision about your business and helping you achieve that vision.
  • Testing your site with various devices including ipad, iphone, kindle fire, droid phone to make sure it works for your visitors.
  • Helping you understand how to manage your website and providing training as needed.

Our support team is readily available to help or answer questions...just ask our clients! Our design team will work with you to find just the right message and just the right look. From graphic design to programming to copy editing and search engine optimization, October Skies strives to offer custom solutions to your unique needs.

Custom website development

We realize that different businesses work with different budgets and we will work with you to provide the best site possible while staying within your budget. Our custom websites are not a perfect fit for everyone. If cheap prices are your number one concern, we'll be happy to recommend another design company. We are a mid-priced company producing top-of-the-line results. If you desire a custom look that will help you stand out in the "cyber crowd", October Skies can help. We offer competitive prices and quality custom work. You want a perfect fit, right? So do we. For more details on the exact costs, we will be happy to discuss your needs with a free consultation. Contact us for your website development.

October Skies firmly believes in providing conscientious service to our customers. This means if you have a question, request or concern regarding your site we will address the issue promptly and courteously.

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